Adult Orthodontics

Approximately 25% of all patients with braces on are adults – 18 years or older.

With patients over the age of 40 there may be additional complications to consider, such as bone support and gum conditions. However, in most cases more than acceptable results can be obtained.

At your initial examination and consultation appointment, your certified specialist can show you the pros and cons to treatment and discuss with you the results you should expect and the procedures required to obtain these results. Once a preliminary consultation has been completed, the orthodontist will need to take appropriate x-rays and models to properly diagnosis the problem. From this point a treatment plan can be determined.

Treatment plans can vary greatly from one patient to another . Some treatments may require the removal of teeth or even jaw surgery in order to achieve the desired goals. In some cases limited short term treatments can be considered for cosmetic purposes only.

The length of treatment will also vary depending on the extent of tooth movement. You could expect in most cases the older the patient the longer the treatment time. In general treatments could vary from 6 months to 3 years.